The Great Kate Debate: Is It Duchess Kate, Princess, Duchess Of Cambridge, Catherine of Wales, Middleton Or Something Else?

Prince William’s wife has a ton of names — that’s for sure. Duchess Kate’s (or is it Princess Kate?) are constantly changing. It depends on some factors: the occasion, England’s ruler at the time, the region Middleton’s in, or what tabloid is covering a story about her. Even with an official royal document bearing her name, the Great Kate Debate thrives, and there appears to be little consensus. Let’s begin shall we? Wills’ wife was born Catherine Elizabeth Middleton. William even calls his spouse of four years Catherine when referring to her. According to a Marie Claire report, the former socialite took on the name Kate during her adolescent years. Today, depending on the publication, her name can take on several layers, according to a Marie Claire report. One tabloid may refer to Middleton as Princess Kate while another calls her the Duchess of Cambridge. And it gets wonky when she travels across the United Kingdom. Duchess of Cambridge For instance, when Will and Kate are in Ireland, they are referred to as Baron and Baroness of Carrickfergus in Ireland. However, the royal pair is called Earl and Countess of Strathearn in Scotland. Imagine that? According to the British Monarchy official website, which refers to the young royals as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, the surname of the Royal Family is Mountbatten-Windsor. “Members of the Royal Family can be known both by the name of the Royal House and by a surname, which are not always the same. And often they do not use a surname at all.” According to Good Housekeeping, the decision on what to call The Duchess gets complicated more complicated. “Catherine won’t be Her Royal Highness Catherine, Princess of Wales — until William becomes the Prince of Wales after his father takes the throne. Once Prince William becomes King, she will become Her Majesty Queen Consort Catherine VI.” And, if that’s not confusing enough, it’s acceptable to call Kate Middleton Catherine Cambridge or Catherine Mountbatten-Windsor. Things that make you go, “what is really going on here?” The easy answer lies within a simple document that was completed without duress: Prince George’s birth certificate. Recently, when the cheeky little cherub’s document surfaced, Kate’s name was signed as “Princess.” That should clear things up, right? Apparently, not; there are many variations of Middleton’s name, depending on the audience and what region of the globe she’s in at the time. So, what will you call The Duke’s wife: Princess Kate, Her Royal Highness, The Duchess Of Cambridge, Catherine Elizabeth, K-Middy or something else?

The Drama Unfolds Within The Royal Family….

Poor Kate! The Queen is furious that the popular Royal newlywed is stealing HER spotlight and she’s out to remind her that she’s not a born Royal – so there! Here’s what she’s done!

Kate Middleton – don’t outshine Queen Elizabeth! That’s what Kate is finding out the hard way after her husband Prince William‘s grandmother just gave her the Royal equivalent of a smackdown!

Just after the Queen’s Royal Jubilee celebrating her 60 years on the throne, Elizabeth II issued an official revision of The Royal Household Order of Precedence and Kate, 30 is now required to curtsy to Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson‘s two daughters, Princess Beatrice, 23, and Princess Eugenia, 22.

And she has to do that whether they’re in public or private, and all because the princesses – infamous for their insane fascinators at the Royal Wedding – were born Royals, while Kate is only a commoner.

Making this even more humiliating – according to Life & Style magazine – Kate isn’t required to curtsy to Beatrice and Eugenia when she’s with her husband, William. Talk about making Kate feel like an appendage.

“It’s a total humiliation for Kate,” a source in Kate and William’s social circle told Life & Style magazine. “It’s like a demotion for her in the royal family, and the queen is the one who ordered this.”

So what’s set off this Royal attack on Kate? It seems that Kate has committed two sins in the Queen’s eyes. #1) Her popularity has eclipsed the Queen, just like William’s mother, Princess Diana‘s did – and the Queen was infuriated by Diana, the “People’s Princess.” Now, she wants the upper hand over Kate.

The Queen wants to nip Kate’s confidence right in the bud and not have her get too carried away with all the popular attention she’s received. In other words, she’s jealous and she’s exercising some royal retaliation.

#2) The Queen is outraged by Kate’s sometimes expensive wardrobe. Even though Kate is infamous for re-wearing her clothes and wearing $89 and $200 dresses, her occasional pricey splurge has put the Queen’s Royal nose out of joint.

She’s upset about expensive gowns like a $4500 Jenny Packham gorgeous jade gown or $1850, stunning red Alexander McQueen dress.

Prince William is apparently freaked out about his grandmother’s new edict and her behavior. The future heir witnessed the “pain and anguish his mom went through,” at the hands of the Queen and he will not stand by and allow Kate to be unhappy.

Furthermore, he and Kate must feel so unappreciated by the ungrateful Queen who apparently asked the young couple to delay trying for a baby until after her jubilee.

She didn’t want a new royal bump being the star attraction of the event – instead of her Royalness.

Let’s hope that William – the future king – speaks up sooner rather than later and doesn’t let his beloved wife be humiliated like his beautiful and spirited late mother! History must NOT repeat itself!

Megyn Kelly Respond To Donald Trumps Epic Bashings

Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly said Monday she will not respond to personal attacks by Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump, who sharply criticized her after last week’s debate.

During Thursday’s Republican presidential debate, Kelly had asked Trump to address his negative comments toward women, calling some “fat pigs, dogs, slobs, and disgusting animals.” In response, Trump responded jokingly, “only Rosie O’Donnell.”

“For the record, it was well beyond Rosie O’Donnell,” Kelly said during Monday’s broadcast of The Kelly File as she pressed for an answer to the question.

“I felt he was asked a tough but fair question,” Kelly said. “We agree to disagree.”

More Bad Blood Between Donald Trump & Megyn Kelly!

WASHINGTON— Donald Trump struck a defiant tone Sunday, making clear he isn’t about to exit the Republican Party presidential primary nor retreat from remarks about a Fox News debate moderator that have drawn a torrent of criticism.

The choice now for his 2016 rivals is whether to take him on and risk an unending series of attacks from the real-estate developer, or try to maneuver around him.

In a round of four appearances on Sunday news programs, Mr. Trump said he didn’t need to apologize for saying Friday that Fox News host Megyn Kelly had “blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her—wherever” when she had asked him at Thursday’s GOP candidates’ debate about his penchant for publicly “disparaging” prominent women.

“There’s nothing to apologize” for, Mr. Trump told NBC News, insisting he wasn’t referring to Ms. Kelly’s menstrual period, as his critics have charged.

Megyn Kelly Can’t Handle The Don

Donald Trump welcomed Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly back to the network on Monday the only way he knows how: with a series of insulting tweets.

Trump, who has been relentlessly criticizing Kelly since she moderated the first GOP presidential debate earlier this month, took the newswoman to task for taking some time off last week amid the controversy, and said that her show The Kelly File would be better off without her.

Trump was also apparently unimpressed with Kelly’s interview with Dr. Cornel West Monday night. He tweeted that she seemed “afraid” and has “no clue” about immigration issues.