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Cosmic’s Corner – #014 The Medical Industrial Complex

Cosmic returns on Saturday, February 8th with a special edition of Cosmic’s Corner of the Universe. Guest Brandon Tuberville explains the dangers of vaccines, their methods of manufacture, additives, adjuvants and the propaganda behind the vaccine pushers. All this and much more on Cosmic’s Corner of the Universe. Saturday, February 8th at 1 pm Pacific, […]



Andrew McKillop 21st Century Wire Big Spending – Small Prospects Speaking at the Dec 10, 2013 Transatlantic Energy Security Dialogue, US national-security expert Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Davis said “We are betting our entire national economic life on the hope — indeed the expectation — that the fracking boom will continue until well into the 2020s”. […]


Pete Santilli – Episode #585 – Tom Hansen – Patrick Henningsen

Pete Santilli with Tom Hansen – Episode #585 – Tuesday: December 17, 2013 Pete is joined by Tom Hansen and Patrick Henningsen to cover today’s news. In particular the coverage concerning Larry Klayman and Charles Strange. Larry Klayman will join Pete on Thursday December 19, 2013. Reported in USA Today: “The court concludes that plaintiffs […]


Pete Santilli – Episode #584 – Judge Rules Against NSA – Charles Strange

Pete Santilli with Charles Strange – Episode #584 – Monday: December 16, 2013 Charles Strange and his wife Mary Anne react live when Pete tells them a federal Judge ruled in their favor today concerning the NSA monitoring their private conversations over the phone and internet. From the AP: A federal judge ruled Monday that […]


Behind The Green Mask of Rosa Koire – Niki Raapana/Nordica Friedrich

Friday, December 13, 2013 Behind the Green Mask of Rosa Koire   by Niki Raapana with Nordica Friedrich Anti Communitarian League Friday, December 13, 2013 Silent coup, holy coup, all are tricked, all are duped, Round Green Virgin kills mother and child, Holy infanticide, death with a smile, Die in heavenly peace, die so the […]


The Judas Hand-shake: Barack Obama and Raul Castro

Behind The handshake Submitted By: Susannah Cole for GMN In a recent report by Teresa Mull on Raul Castro’s daughter said openly, “If I were a U.S. citizen I’d vote for Obama for president!”  And there is good reason for that. Mull notes, that other than his obvious push toward a Castro-like America, In […]


Pete Santilli – Episode #583 – Jason Liosatos

GMN.IS Pete Santilli with Jason Liosatos – Episode #583 – Saturday: December 14, 2013 Jason Liosatos, He is an author, artist, and radio host at Global Peace Radio and advocate for personal and global peace. I write and talk about us being magicians with amnesia, and that we are magnificent artist’s, creators and sculptors of […]


FBI Admits To Staging Another Terrorist Attack; This Time in Kansas – Pete Santilli – Episode #582

GMN.IS Pete Santilli with Shane Trejo – Episode #582 – Friday: December 13, 2013 Shane Trejo from the 10th Amendment Center has a discussion with Pete about his organizations plans to stop the water flows to the NSA in Utah via legislation. Without water the NSA would effectively be shut down!! Shane Trejo is […]